Earn 1 point per BTS ride

The maximum amount of points earned from BTS ride is capped at 40 points per month

Get 5 points per transaction with Rabbit LINE Pay e-wallet at participating stores (Get 1 point per subsequent transaction at the same store within the same day). 

Get bonus points when at online merchants (Gift Shop, Lazada, etc.)

1st Transaction

0-99 Baht Get 5 points

100-199 Baht 10 points

200-299 Baht 15 points

300-399 Baht 20 points

400-499 Baht 25 points

500-599 Baht 30 points

600-699 Baht 35 points

700-799 Baht 40 points

800-899 Baht 45 points

900-999 Baht 50 points

2nd Transcation - Get 5 points

Shop with our partner merchants

- Earn 5 points at our partner merchants when you pay with Rabbit Card wherever you see a Rabbit Terminal. See list of merchants here

- Earn 1 point for each subsequent transaction at the same merchant on the same day